Hi. I'm Jamie
I like to build things

Hi, I'm Jamie. I like to build things.

My names Jamie Street, I'm a 22-year-old Web Developer, originally from Surrey, UK. I currently live in London, UK, and work as a Full Stack Developer for a social network called Campus Society. I am proud to hold a First Class Honours Degree in Web Application Development, which I obtained from the University of Plymouth.

I've been interested in web development for as long as I can remember, and originally taught myself, as a kind of hobby. Over the years I've been able to build many different things, working with various companies and technologies.

I'm currently happily employed but will consider taking on short-term, remote freelance projects.

Skills. Just to list a few.

HTML CSS JavaScript TypeScript PHP MySQL CodeIgniter Python Django Java Node.JS ExpressJS Socket.IO MongoDB EJS REST AJAX SQL JSON API Development Web Development Phonegap Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Design Object Oriented Programming Linux Basics Git Gitlab JIRA Deployment Grunt Peer JS WebRTC

Graduated University of Plymouth

Graduated from the University of Plymouth with a First Class Honours degree in Web Application Development.

Co-founded Rent Please Ltd

I co-founded my own software company, Rent Please Ltd, which aims to reinvent the way rent payments are managed.

Still in development at present

Full Stack Developer Campus Society (Current)

At present I'm happily employed as a Full Stack Developer at Campus Society, where my day-to-day duties cover a vast range of development tasks.

Java Developer CGI Group, formally Logica

During the 16 months spent at CGI I became a key player within the team responsible for developing web-based control systems for the European Space Agencies’ Galileo project.

My main contribution to the project lay with the projects front-end development; I was initially responsible for designing, developing and consulting upon the projects front-end. As part of this front-end development I was able to demonstrate my skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, GWT & the underlying technologies that support web applications.

Alongside my front-end tasks I was also required to delve into many other aspects and areas of the application stack.


"Jamie is an excellent Java developer who picks up new technologies very quickly. He excelled during his work assignment at CGI during his third year at University. Jamie used technologies such as Spring/Hibernate and GWT (Google Web Toolkit). His performance was rated as the top 25% of the company which is very impressive seeing that he was an IP student at the time."
– Simon Fontanillas
"During his time working on the Galileo Space program in 2013 at Logica CGI, I was assigned as Jamie's mentor to give him necessary coaching in the technologies and subjects that we cover on the ground systems aspect of the project. Jamie is technically very capable and Web based GUI/MMI technologies (e.g. GWT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) are where his technical ability and natural flair for 'look and feel' made him a well respected member of the our Galileo team. Jamie is well natured and easy going, he is well liked and easily fits into teams, he is also happy to speak up when he knows the answer - all of which are skills vital to working in large teams. Although his easy-going approach initially made some team members question his technical abilities after a short discussion within him it is obvious that he knows 'his stuff'. I believe that Jamie is very bright, a hard worker and will go a long way in the commercial IT world if he wishes to."
– Martin Freemantle
"Jamie is a capable young man who has a good grasp of web app technologies. He provided and integrated a web app 3D solution using a third party API (Leaflet) on our Satellite Ground Segment project. Working with a senior colleague, Jamie was instrumental in implementing much of the structure and appearance of the web app. Jamie has the potential to become a first class developer and much more."
– Peter Ronald

Enrolled at University of Plymouth

Started at the University of Plymouth, studying a 4 year degree in Web Application Development.

Enrolled at Guildford College

Started at Guildford, studying a 2 year National Diploma titled "Practitioner of I.T"

Achieved: DMM (Distinction Merit Merit)